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Many thanks to Floform Countertops  who provided us with granite slabs for our dry mounting process

One of the best places in Vancouver to shop is Beau Photo

Langara College offers a lot of photography courses

Russ and Wendy Kwan teach B&W darkroom arts at Langara – here is their website that shows their work

FotoFilmic offers opportunities enter film based photographs for exhibition and workshops.  the Pulp Gallery on Bowen Island presents FotoFilmic exhibitions.  There was an exhibition in Vancouver during the Capture Festival.  Currently Fotofilmic is accepting submissions for a solo show.

In addition to curating exhibitions, FotoFilmic offers a Master Workshops program.

FotoFilmic Master Workshops program is designed to facilitate access to the celebrated practice of some of today’s most influential photographic artists. Conveniently scheduled during weekends and in the midsts of Bowen Island’s amazing natural scenery (Vancouver, BC, Canada), FotoFilmic’s Weekend Master Workshops are sure to inspire and boost the creative vision of all burgeoning photographers!

Central to our workshops concept is also to re-experience a kind of natural artistic conviviality or camaraderie lost to globalization and instant communication: our small Pacific island setting slows down time and invites both the conversational and the personal to take part unscheduled making for meaningful networking.

The next workshop is being led by Todd Hido. October  14-15, 2017   “Sources and Influences”

Todd Hido is a San Francisco Bay Area-based artist whose work has been featured in Artforum, The New York Times Magazine, Eyemazing, Wired, Elephant, FOAM, and Vanity Fair. His photographs are in the permanent collections of the Getty, the Whitney Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, New York, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the de Young, the Smithsonian, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Pier 24 Photography, as well as in many other public and private collections. He has over a dozen published books amongst which the recent monographs ‘Excerpts from Silver Meadows‘ released in 2013 with Nazraeli Press along with an innovative b-sides box set designed to function as a companion piece to this award-winning monograph (2014), and Aperture’s monumental ‘Intimate Distance: Twenty-Five Years of Photographs, A Chronological Album‘ released in October 2016.


Web Sites of members of the West End Photographic Society

Elizabeth Worley

Michael Shevloff