Photos drying from a line. Wet area of the darkroom.

Darkroom Club

We are both a registered society in BC and a club with West End Community Centre (WECC) in Vancouver.  The WECC graciously provides the space for the darkroom while the society/club provides and maintains the equipment in the darkroom and runs the club meetings.

The Club Is Volunteer-run

All aspects of running club are done on a volunteer basis.   We depend on members participating in the various functions and needs of the club.

How to Become a Member

  1. Show proof of recent training and/or experience in the darkroom.  It is critical that everyone using this shared darkroom has the skills and knowledge to keep the space safe and functioning well.   If you do not have recent experience/training you will need to take a *course or workshop.
  2. Take the one-hour orientation to the darkroom.
  3. Purchase and Annual Membership.  The membership helps cover administration costs such as website and domain and society fees.  Any finds left over at the end of the year are allocated to improvements to the darkroom.  ($36 per annum)
  4. Purchase a darkroom time card to gain access to the darkroom $25 for a 15 hour card.

* If you do not have recent experience in the darkroom or you are new to the darkroom altogether, we recommend that you take a course offered at the WECC or at Langara Continuing Studies.  We offer very basic workshops organized to get you into the darkroom safely and with enough skill to begin experimenting.  Please note, this option is not particularly ideal for someone new to the darkroom, but is adequate for someone needing a refresher.


Please see our home page for more information on courses.  We will not be running any refresher courses during the months of May and June.

Membership Provides:

  1. Nine club meetings to share and discuss work, participate in occasional mini darkroom workshops. Members meet the fourth Saturday of the month from September to June (except December). Field trips may also be organized. Information about upcoming meetings can be found on the home page.
  2. Access to darkroom workshops.
  3. Access to darkroom facilities (booking and darkroom time card required)
  4. Participation in club exhibitions (this a fledgling activity in our club)
  5. Email notices about photographic events and courses.

Contact us for more information by:

  1. Attending a monthly meeting
  2.  Using the form on the contact page to arrange a time to meet.