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A Darkroom Club in Vancouver

The West End Photographic Society is a non-profit society that promotes photographic expression with a focus on darkroom photography.   We have a darkroom at the West End Community Centre (WECC) exclusively for member use.  The darkroom is set up for B&W work.  

Club Meetings

Nine meetings are held over the year which occur September to November and January to June.  There are no meetings in December, July and August.  Meetings take place on the fourth Saturday of the month at the West End Community Centre, 870 Denman Street, Vancouver, B.C. from 2:00 to 4:30.  We focus on a darkroom technique, trouble shooting or photo sharing.  Check the posts listed at the foot of this page for past workshop material.  Often there is a group assisted printmaking session in the morning of a meeting day.

2017 Winter and Spring Meeting Dates

Jan 28,    Feb 25,     Mar 25,     Apr 22,      May 27,      Jun 24

Up-coming April 22 Meeting 

  • Photo sharing,
  • Show and Tell: comparing between development results of regular film development procedures and standing development using Blazinal

Recap of November 26th, 2106 meeting.

Bill gave a large audience a Master’s introduction to Lithographic printing. Bill has spent hours researching and refining this process and was able to give us all some great examples based on his experimentation. A blog post which provides some instructions and examples can be found here.


1) Introduction to Darkroom Course at the West End Community Centre, Vancouver, BC 

Saturdays, May 6 – June 10, 10:00 – 2:00,  $200 – Waitlist  More information is here

2) Basic Darkroom Course – starts on April 27, 2017, Langara Continuing Studies 

From the course description:

Basic Darkroom is your foundation course for all of the darkroom arts and sciences. Working under amber safelights, you will experience the magic of black and white photographs emerging from the darkness before your eyes. The main goal of this course is to get you entirely safe and self-sufficient in the black and white darkroom from shooting film to efficient work habits to mixing chemistry to processing film to handling enlargers to printing, toning and finishing your photographs its all here. With diligence, you will finish this course with better-than-lab quality mounted black and white prints and the confidence to continue working in the darkroom on your own. An added benefit: by week 4 you should be self-sufficient enough to use the darkrooms during Open Studio on Sunday afternoons. You must have a film camera (35mm or 120 medium format) and a light-meter (in-camera is best!) for this course please bring them to our first session. 

Here is the link to the photography course page (Langara Continuing Studies)